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Linda Bougen

Registered Nurse, Naturopath and Professional Supervisor

I have extensive healthcare experience working in clinical settings and I have gained immeasurable knowledge in the field of nursing. This has led me to supporting people from all walks of life, sometimes during the most crucial times of their lives.

Supporting the people who care for clients, residents, patients and students has become my primary focus over the last few years. I have experience in supervising people at all levels of their profession, including managers, nurses, teachers and caregivers.

I believe that professional clinical supervision is invaluable for those who want to enhance their skills, whilst complementing their personal wellbeing. Clinical supervision enables employees to achieve the best outcomes in their clinical and educational settings, whilst feeling good about themselves without compromising work or family time.

Receiving supervisory consultation allows for reflection of values, practical skills, ethics, work issues and whole life experiences. It is important to address any difficulties that may arise and more importantly, to celebrate successes.

Role Theory Model, a fun personalised supervision workbook and other supervisory models with a good dose of NLP are methodologies that I use to engage employees in valuable supervision sessions.

Linda’s contact information

Phone: 027 416 8921

Angie Spencer

I have always been a passionate advocate of supervision and providing high quality supervision throughout my nursing carer. As I believe that supervision can assist us to grow and flourish as clinicians and people.
By recognising that we all bring our life experiences inside and outside work to the therapeutic and collegial relationships we have in our work and that these relationships are sometimes difficult to build, maintain or end. I believe that having a trusted and highly experienced supervisor to walk alongside you while you explore and reflect can be enlightening and gratifying. Allowing us all to be the best we can for ourselves and the clients we work with.

I began providing supervision 27 years ago as I recognised that my colleagues and I did not have a safe and enabling environment to discuss the challenges working within mental health often brings as well as being able to celebrate and build on the successes. But found this place for myself and my supervisees within a supervision framework.

I have been working in Mental Health Nursing for almost 30 years and in this time have worked within mental health acute inpatients, community teams, rehabilitation, and primary care mental health in the UK. Since moving to New Zealand I currently work part time as a Clinical Nurse Therapist within an anxiety disorders service and clinical Nurse Educator plus providing private psychological therapy and supervision. I have also worked within a corrections environment here in New Zealand.

I have undertaken training in clinical supervision in the UK and then here in New Zealand using a role theory framework. I am experienced and highly effective in the role of supervisor and have previously and continue to provide high quality supportive supervision to all my supervisee’s both within the CDHB and my private practice. I have a Post Grad Diploma in Advanced Topics in CBT and have attended basic and master class level training in EMDR plus being an Advanced Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Therapy.
My life and work is supported and enabled by my wonderful husband and amazing son who bring joy, laughter and reality to my world. I am also assisted by good friends, a regular mindfulness practice, avid reading and our fun and naughty cats.

Angie’s contact information

Phone: 021 1219 739

Lynere Wilson

Ko Hakatere tōku awa
Ko Wakanui tōku hau kāinga
No Waitaha me ōtepoti ahau
Ko tangata Tiriti ahau
Ko Lynere Wilson tōku ingoa

Mā te huruhuru, ka rere to manu.
Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly

Working in mental health as a nurse has been my career since I completed my training at (what was) Sunnyside Hospital in the mid 1980’s. I’ve worked both in NZ and in the UK and found myself traversing mental health care in public, private, NGO, university and primary care settings.

In 2016 I graduated with a doctorate from Otago University having submitted a thesis exploring self-management and bipolar disorder. This project helped in a number of ways to reshape my thinking about my role as a mental health nurse and what I have to offer others. In 2018, after working in primary mental health, I started training with EMDR NZ as I feel strongly about being to be able to provide a validated treatment for trauma.

Since 2009 I have worked as a kaiako (tutor) for the Moana House Training Institute who provides Te Taketake, a NZQA Level 7 Addictions Counselling qualification.

I began working as a supervisor for the CDHB after completing Mike Consedine’s Clinical Supervision for Role Development course in 1998. Focussing on my PhD took me away from supervision but with the PhD now completed, I’m returning to work as a supervisor. In 2019 I became registered as a dapaanz accredited supervisor.

I’m now embarking on a new adventure towards becoming self-employed so I can work in a way that combines my skills in therapy, supervision and education. The whakatauki (proverb) at the beginning expresses well how I have come see my work as a mental health nurse; when we have what we need, be it care, support, or knowledge, we will thrive. It has taken me a while to discover my own potential and I would not have made it here without the support of my mentors and supervisors.

Lynere’s contact information

Phone: 027 676 5745

Gayle Lauder

Supervision sets a foundation in my clinical practice providing me with the space to pay attention to self, the commitment to be open and present in my work, the willingness to continue to grow and be challenged.  This experience guides my enthusiasm and belief in supervision having a necessary place in our professional lives.

I have been in private practice as a supervisor since 2010 after completing the foundational supervisor’s training course with Margaret Morrell.  Various modalities are in my supervisory kete such as Strength-based practice, Role Theory, Competency Based Practice, and importantly the learning from supervisees.  Being a supervisor offers me the opportunity to give back to the nursing profession and my practice is now broadening to include other professions including education, youth work, and administration.

The experience I seek to offer in supervision is to provide a safe and purposeful place:

  • for learning to occur
  • to shed the grime of the working day
  • to celebrate good work
  • to foster balance in daily life
  • to reduce burnout
  • with the odd bit of humour thrown in!

I am a Registered Nurse with significant experience in working with vulnerable youth in a variety of roles in primary care, CDHB, youth justice, and Oranga Tamariki. Currently I am working in the hauora/wellbeing space of a school with children, youth and their whanau. I also am privately contracted to Youth Justice, Oranga Tamariki to provide health assessments for youth who offend.

The other important aspects of my life are: whānau and friends, home, exercise, and being in nature.

Gayle’s contact information

Phone: 021 144 0888

Jo Butfield

Registered Nurse, Educator & Professional Supervisor

Tēnā koe, Talofa lava, Kia Orana, Hello!

I believe that professional supervision is an important, and often undervalued relationship which provides the supervisee with a safe, dedicated space to reflect on their practise. The ultimate purpose of this relationship is to support the supervisee to be the best that they can be.

As a supervisor, I bring to the session a lens, which is informed by my nursing profession in both primary and secondary care, a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision, and a mind that is curious to learn and grow. I use a blend of theoretical reasoning skills and critical reflection, to support the supervisee, celebrate their successes, and acknowledge the effort and commitment they make on a daily basis.

Working alongside the supervisee, my role is to help identify, clarify and explore professional issues, workplace relationships, and ethical dilemmas. I provide the supervisee with the space and time to find their own solutions, and offer a strengths-based approach to supporting them. By clearing away the mysticism that surrounds the process of supervision, my wish is to enable the supervisee to see clearly their reflection, by holding up a mirror along their journey.

I offer supervision and mentoring under the business name ‘Here & Now’ and can provide individual or group sessions, in person or via tele-supervision, for a variety of professional backgrounds.

On a personal note, I am fortunate to live in beautiful Diamond Harbour, with my husband Rich, Rooby Chewsday the pup, and Tigster McJingle the cat. I enjoy yoga, mindfulness, singing and reading, and I secretly believe that I am taller than I really am…

Happy to connect over coffee for an informal chat.

Jo’s contact information

Phone: 021 246 0942

Kate Brandram-Adams

Mental health and addiction nurse, clinical supervisor, registered mindfulness/ MBSR teacher, group facilitator/ educator.

Kia ora, I am a Registered mental health nurse and certified addictions nurse (CARN) with 28 years clinical experience.

I offer specialist clinical/ professional supervision for health/ caring professionals, based in mindfulness and self compassion, using an inquiry model.

I work with nurses, psychologists, doctors, social workers and counsellors who want to use mindfulness and self compassion to support their own wellbeing and clinical work. I offer this face to face in Rangiora or nationally/ internationally on zoom.

Through my organisation Mindful2Care I also offer workshops and retreats for health/ caring/ teaching professionals and courses/ workshops for teams.

I am a trained clinical supervisor and DAPAANZ supervisor.

I offer a unique combination of:

  • Extensive “coal face “clinical experience of working in the mental health and addictions systems
  • International standard of training to teach mindfulness and self compassion to others/ health professionals
  • Years of my own exploration, self inquiry through yoga, mindfulness and self compassion.

Originally trained in the UK I moved to NZ in 1999 and since then specialised in adult mental health and addictions/ co existing disorders. I have worked in residential treatment, outpatient, private and public sectors. This has included roles of detox nursing, case management, nurse counsellor, nurse educator as well as group facilitation and service/ programme development and coordination. I have worked in multidisciplinary teams and as an autonomous sole practitioner.

My passion is to work holistically with people combining science based, neuroscience and physiology with ancient wisdom practices. I have studied naturopathy, herbal medicine, and human nutrition over the years and in the last decade have become a certified yoga teacher and Registered mindfulness/ MBSR teacher.

I love to support and champion fellow health professionals to be sustainable and thrive, in what can be incredibly challenging systems. I love to support others to do what they love.

My work is practice based; utilising mindfulness and self compassion practices and thus the embodiment of these with our clients/ patients.

I live a quiet rural life and my other loves are being on my permaculture property, with my various animals. I also have a social enterprise called Mindfulness North Canterbury which offers a range of science based courses and workshops to cultivate proactive mental health and wellbeing in our local community. This is based in social permaculture, another passion 😊

If you would like to connect, please email me

Kate’s contact information

Phone: 027 555 1755

Lois Cowan

Supervision, for me as a supervisor, aims to provide a safe and supportive environment to reflect, learn and grow. Presenting factors could relate to challenges, successes, fears or any concerns impacting on you in the work environment. This is to enable supervisees to develop confidence, skills and fostering functional relationships with others.

I am a registered Psychiatric Nurse working as a Senior Lecturer in Nursing, specialising in mental health and addiction. I have had training in supervision, group work and a range of therapeutic modalities. I have provided supervision over 30 years, both in the CDHB and privately. I have completed Diplomas in both Counselling and Teaching, and Masters in Health Sciences.

Lois’ contact information

Phone: 027 289 444

Elizabeth (Liz) Angus

Professional/Clinical Supervision for Health and Social Care Workers

Kia ora,

I am passionate about providing professional/clinical supervision in supporting health and social care colleagues in what has been very challenging times. I aim to provide a friendly and safe space for supervisees to explore their daily challenges and achievements.

My background is in nursing (MA Nursing, BSc Hons Community Nursing Studies). I have worked for many years as a clinical nurse specialist in palliative care. Other relevant courses include; Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice, Professional Supervision and Self Management (Flinders and Stanford).

Currently I have a private practice with a focus on professional/clinical supervision whilst keeping up to date with nursing skills and knowledge with some part time casual nursing work.

I have previously worked as a clinical supervisor for a large primary health organisation, as a nursing lecturer on an undergraduate degree programme as well as working with several private clients. I have experience as both a supervisor and a supervisee and am passionate about the benefits of regular supervision. I believe that supervision enables the supervisee to develop and grow professionally through exploration and reflection of practice in a supportive environment. It is a means to reinforce clarity of roles and responsibilities bringing about improved confidence, decision making processes and safe practice. Having come from a nursing background I engage in both the Adult Learning Model and the Reflective Learning Model which is a familiar and trusted model within health care.

I work from my home office in Huntsbury, Christchurch where I live with my husband and two pets. I offer both face to face or online (I would prefer face to face until a therapeutic relationship is built upon) supervision.

Liz’s contact information

Phone: 020 4135 8618

Esther Vallance

I love being a contribution to enhancing nursing practice in New Zealand through Professional Supervision, Professional Mentoring, and Nurse Education.

My background is in Medical and Surgical Nursing, as well as Managerial and Operations roles. In addition, I have a teaching and learning background having worked as a Nursing Lecturer in both undergraduate and post graduate education.

My training has led to qualifications:

  • MA (Hons) BN RCpN Cert Adult Tchg
  • PDRP Expert and Senior Level
  • Clinical Supervision Training for Supervisors (1&2)
  • Role Theory for Professional Supervisors (1&2)

I work with Managers, Team Leaders, Experienced Nurses, New Graduates and also Student Nurses (especially with assignment understanding and writing skills). Over the past eight years I have enjoyed working with nurses on their Nurse Practitioner Intern pathways towards successful Registration and beyond. My clients come from all sectors of Healthcare and I work to support them to improve their practice, their resilience and in their career direction and goals.

My current role as a Duty Nurse Manager provides me with a unique view of the work environment and means that I am better able to provide counsel and supervision in the areas of inter-departmental conflict; within-ward disagreement and support for complex working conditions.

My work as a Professional Supervisor spans 20 years and it is my pleasure to offer Professional Supervision, Mentoring, Nursing Education and Study Coaching to those within all areas of Healthcare.

Esther’s contact information

Phone: 027 2231310

Pam Eaden

South Canterbury born, raised in Mid Canterbury where I have brought up my own family who have since spread their own wings elsewhere. Mid Canterbury and the Rural setting are still home.

My professional career began as an enrolled nurse followed by a transition and Bachelor of Nursing with Ara Polytech to become a registered nurse. For most of my recent working career I have spent my time working in the community both hospital based, Psychiatric and Public Health.

Empathy, equity, best practice, authenticity and integrity are the touchstones of my personal and professional values.

I thrive on working with individuals and teams to re-frame and find their leading edge and a new direction. I employ a range of tools and frameworks to do this including reflective practice and Role theory

I have completed a Postgrad certificate in Professional Supervision and participate in my own Professional Supervision. I personally believe Supervision has supported me to grow and become person I am now both personally and professionally.

I value the opportunity to focus on you and your work, to reflect on what’s good and bad, and how it affects you. Supervision is an opportunity to look at the big picture and manage the effects of work on yourself. You set the agenda. You are the expert about you. The supervisor’s role is to create a safe space and ask the questions that help you to reframe and rethink what’s bothering you, explore ideas that excite you, and find ways to move forward.” (Rohleder, 2018)

Our professional and personal lives are closely linked; we all have times when one spills over into the other. It’s okay to talk about something happening in your personal life, that’s happening here and now. I’m not a counsellor and will refer people to one if they need it.

Supervision is also a place to celebrate the good things such as promotions and professional development opportunities, and to unpick why you’re so excited, what keeps you motivated and energised to live your best life and celebrate those successes.

I look forward to working with you

Pam’s contact information

Phone: 0272844082